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Mecarobot Golf is a golf game for the Super Nintendo that incongruously stars a humanoid golf-playing robot in the starring role. The story of the game makes it clear that Eagle, the robot, isn't allowed to play golf professionally despite being better at the sport than any human, so he is given access to a special golf course in order to prove his skills.

The Japanese version of the game is called Serizawa Nobuo no Birdie Try, named for the Japanese golfer Nobuo Serizawa. Because he is far less famous in the West, he was changed to Eagle for the US release.

The game is a traditional golf sim in that it depicts the action from behind the golfer and uses a sliding power meter to indicate the strength of the swing. The player can use the Lesson and Driving Range modes to practice their golfing before heading onto the Competition mode. The player can choose to play as Eagle (Serizawa in the Japanese version) or select between three fictional human avatars.

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