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The Mechaton is a machine developed in Elysium for the 'Terror Dome'. The 'Terror Dome' was a simple tourist attraction, the idea was a family would pay to get into the 'Terror Dome' and maybe even more to control a Mechaton. The family, or participants, would be introduced to a large city scene in which they would control the Mechaton from an elevated platform. They would be aloud to smash the buildings in the set and even use the controller to shoot lasers out of its eyes.

The machine is a much smaller version of 'nature's own... HEKATON!' (the player is told this when entering the Terror Dome.)

The Mechaton first appears in Act 2 Chapter 2 'Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever', the Mechaton the player controls is named Waggleton P. Tallylicker by Grayson Hunt

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