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Melissa Woodward stayed at Hotel Dusk in Room 219 with her father, Kevin Woodward.  She wanted to see her mom for Christmas, and her dad finally caved in and said they would go see her.  They got to the hotel, but never saw Melissa's mom.  Melissa got upset with her dad and caused a few disturbances at the hotel.  She was blocking the stairs with a jigsaw puzzle, a gift from her mom, when Kyle Hyde arrived.

Staying at Hotel Dusk (Spoilers Ahead)

Melissa was getting on her father's nerves, so he kept telling her to be quiet, stay in her room, or go play somewhere else.  Melissa felt her father was a jerk and was angry at him for lying about seeing her mom.  She went onto the stairs to finish her puzzle, but just couldn't get it done.  Kyle Hyde arrived at the hotel and found her blocking his way upstairs.  He finished the puzzle for her, but she got upset and threw the puzzle downstairs.  Kyle made her pick up the pieces, but she forgot one when she went back to her room.  When Kyle returned the missing piece, he found out the puzzle was a gift from her mom, who left the family a little while prior. 

While at dinner, Melissa threw a fit and her doll at Iris.  Kyle returned the doll to Melissa, who invited him because she felt lonely.  They finished the puzzle again, and Kyle discovered that a message from Melissa's mom was on the back.  The message said "Goodbye, Melissa."  Afterwards, Melissa had another argument with her father.  She ran out of the room and into Room 218, which happened to be open at the time.  The door locked behind her and the lights wouldn't work.  She got scared in the dark and began crying.  Kyle heard the crying and had to reset the circuit breakers to get the lights on.  He picked the lock and managed to get the room open.  Inside, Melissa told him that her mom and dad were always fighting.  She also believed it was her fault that her mom left because of some harsh words she told her.  Kyle managed to calm her down and got her to go back to her room.

Later in the night, Melissa went looking for her father and found Kyle near the bar.  She asked about Kyle's Christmas, and Kyle found out that Melissa really didn't have a Christmas.  There was no tree and no presents.  Rosa found out about this and was heartbroken.  Kyle went to the storage room of the hotel where the Christmas tree was stashed, and Rosa got Louie, Mila, and Melissa to arrive for the occasion.  Melissa was able to decorate the tree with Kyle, and was able to have a small taste of Christmas that year after all.

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