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Menace is a side scrolling shooter, and DMA Design Ltd.'s first commercial release, originally for the Amiga in 1988.

A group of planetary dictators come together after being banished from their homeworlds and begin to build an artificial planet known as Draconia, which is used to harvest monsters and machines which will follow their every command. The player must destroy Draconia, ultimately preventing the dictators from taking over the universe.


The HUD displays Shield, Cannon, and Laser levels

There are six side-scrolling

stage, each with a different look-and-feel. The player controls a ship which fires bullets, or a number of different upgraded weapons. When upgrades appear onscreen, the player may choose to fire at the upgrade until it morphs into a different upgrade, allowing for a customized craft. Each stage ends on a difficult "boss" character, which must be eliminated to proceed.

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