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An experimental pre-war weapon, the Mesmetron sends out a pulse signal when fired. It scrambles the target's mental functions in their brain, leaving them dumbfounded and gullible. Because the weapon was never completed, there are three possible outcomes. Only one of them is a "good" result. The Mesmetron uses Mesmetron Power Cells as ammo.
 Enslaving a person

Successful Stun

If the weapon successfully does its job, the victim will be utterly confused. At this point, the Vault 101 Dweller can engage in conversation with the person. They can tell the victim to give up their stuff, which opens up their entire inventory with everything up for grabs. If the Dweller has a slave collar, they can also slip it around their neck and send them off to Paradise Falls. 

Failed Stun

A failed stun can cause one of two things to happen:  

  • Hostile Frenzy: The victim goes completely nuts, attacking everyone around including the Vault 101 Dweller. Onlookers will defend themselves but will also turn on the Dweller if they see him/her stunning the victim.
  • Cranial Eruption: The victim goes mad and runs around, and after a few seconds their enter head explodes in a gooey mess.

How to Obtain

The Mesmetron is obtained from Grouse, the entrance guard at Paradise Falls which is the headquarters of the slavers in the Capital Wasteland. This initiates the quest "Strictly Business" which requires you to go around and enslave specific people.

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