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Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge is the sequel to the SNES game Battle Clash. In this game new Standing Tanks (STs) are piloted by the antagonists who pilot them in a tournament to the death know as the battle game. The best combatants are granted control of a region of the world by the most powerful combatant, the mysterious Thanatos. Earth isn't the player's only stop on their journey to save humanity from Thanatos' control, as the fight for freedom will require the hero to take to space in their very own ST, Falcon or Tornado!


One of several titles to support the Super Scope for the SNES, there is very little interaction in Metal Combat that supports the control pad. In fact, all but one of the gameplay modes requires use of the Super Scope. 
Due to the game's combat heavy nature, accuracy is important. To help compensate for potential issues sensor alignment or bad TV placement, the game follows its title screen with a gun calibration to ensure the player can probably aim from their position.

Gameplay Modes


Single Player

Battle Game 

The Battle Game is effectively Metal Combat's campaign mode, which pits players in their ST Falcon (or Tornado if a cheat code is entered) against the top ST combatants of various regions of Earth. After all of Earth's top combatants are defeated, the player will move on to space to fight the Battle Game ruler Thanatos. What they will instead find, are plot twists abound.
Players engage in combat with enemies in a one on one setting, using the super scope to fire on their opponents. The player's ST is capable of firing very weak rapid shots (typically used defensively to shoot down enemy projectiles), and charged shots of varying power depending on how long the shot is charged for. The most powerful charged shot available to the player is the Treble Shot, which can be used to cause massive damage to enemy weak points, as well as wipe most enemy projectiles off the screen in a single shot.
Aside from the basic rapid and charged shots, the player can also acquire special one use power ups. At the end of each battle, the player will be rewarded with a bomb (which carries over to the next fight), and at the end of most battles the player will be upgraded with a special single shot power (such as a temporary shield, or a power boost). Players may hold a maximum of five bombs, and as many special items as they'd like, although they can only bring two special items into battle (bombs must be brought into battle and are automatically added to the players weapon list).
Each opponent ST that the player faces will have a weak point of some kind. These weak points can be found in one of two ways, depending on the enemy: The enemy ST will either perform an action that will cause the weak spot to glow and be given away, or, the player can fire a treble shot at the enemy and expose their weak point. Typically hitting a weak point with a treble shot will destroy that area on the enemy ST. However, because some weak points can only be exposed with a treble shot, the only possible follow up is to hit the spot with a weaker charged shot.
Other individual parts of an enemy ST, such as the arms or legs, can be destroyed, allowing the player to cripple an enemy part by part. Rather then be adversely effected by losing parts, some enemies will simply fire powerful shots from their missing parts, making this a sometimes risky tactic.
A cheat code may be entered at the title screen to unlock access to a second ST, named Tornado. Tornado's weapon systems charge shots much more rapidly at the cost of needing to charge ten times before firing a treble shot (or in this case, more of a decible shot). The ST Tornado also has a much lower defense in exchange for this offensive power. In addition to combat changes, some areas of the plot are changed to accommodate the new ST and pilot.
Time Trials
In Time Trials, the player selects their difficulty level (Low, Medium, or High), which determines the three opponents they will face during the time trial. The player then fights the three opponents for the difficulty level they have selected, and at the end receive a cumulative fight time. In each fight, the player is given a single bomb, and no special power ups. If the player dies during a fight, their time of death is kept should they decide to continue, and is added to their total fight time when the level is subsequently finished.
Training Mode
Training Mode allows the player to replay each ST's respective tutorial missions from the start of the game.


Combat Game
Combat Game allows for two player combat; one player uses the SNES Control Pad to control an enemy ST of their choosing, while another player uses the super scope to fight them like a normal enemy.
Using the XYAB buttons, the control pad player can use one of four attacks in their ST's arsenal, and using the D-Pad they can control the movement of the battle. Like single player CPU battles, the control pad ST can be crippled and has weak points. The last player with health remaining wins.
Time Trials
Multiplayer Time Trials play exactly the same as single player time trials, with the exception being that both players are given a chance at defeating each enemy. At the end of three rounds, a cumulative time is totaled for each player, and the player with the lower time wins.

Battle Game Opponents

On their way to save humanity, the players will encounter a colorful cast of STs and pilots. Here they are in order of appearance:
ST: Garam Mk2
Pilot: Guido
Area: Neo New York, America
Weakness: Stomach
Notes: Appeared in Battle Clash and remains largely unchanged
ST: Siamang
Pilot: Chada
Area: Borneo, Oceania
Weakness: Tail
Notes: Is Guido's brother
ST: Wong
Pilot: Dayan
Area: Mongolia, Asia
Weakness: Exposed head
Notes: Only fights the player because he thinks they are invading Mongolia
ST: Griffin
Pilot: Orusoh
Area: Earth's Atmosphere, Orbital Station Babel
Weakness: Antennae, Lower body
Notes: Challenges the player to a suicide duel above the Earth
ST: Viscount
Pilot: Carlos
Area: Moonbase LUNA
Weakness: Chest, Legs
Notes: Uses a shield, and a gun shaped like a Super Scope
ST: Thanatos
Pilot: Anubis
Area: The Surface of Mars
Weakness: Chest, Limbs
Notes: Attempts to suck the player into their deaths upon his defeat
ST: Arachnus
Pilot: Danpe
Area: Orbiting Jupiter
Weakness: Head
Notes: Will enter a frenzied state if its tail is destroyed.
ST: Cobra
Pilot: Zephyr
Area: Epsilon-Ring
Weakness: Lower body
Notes: Absorbs most of the player's attacks
ST: Groken
Pilot: Pamera
Area: The Methane Sea
Weakness: Many scattered throughout the ST
Notes: Zephyr's wife
ST: Vivirus
Pilot: True Anubis
Area: Inside the Space Fortress
     Form 1: Chest, Limbs 
     Form 2: Center of the ST
Notes: After being defeated once, Vivirus will morph into a new form
ST: Giga-Desp
Pilot: Typhon
Area: Space Fortress Core
Weakness: The area covered by Rola
Notes: Takes the player's ally, Rola, hostage

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