Help me understand HF Blades *possible spoilers*

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So, as those who have played this game know, you obtain several swords in the game aside from the three unique boss weapons. Most of their signature traits are known and given, but I don't have a clear grasp which is necessarily more powerful or what, if any, trade-off is present.

For example:

The Stun Blade's specialty is the chance to stun enemies, but is it actually weaker than the standard HF Blade?

The Armor Breaker says that it has a chance to break armor, but is that different or less powerful than the Fox Blade (DLC)? Or does the Fox Blade just completely render the Armor Breaker obsolete?

The HF Machete strikes faster than any of the others, but is that off-set by weaker attack power per strike?

I've heard mumblings that the Longsword and Muramasa both have the same attack power at max upgrade. But is the Armor Breaker weaker than either one at max upgrade?

I haven't obtained all of the HF Swords yet, but I just can't get a clear understanding of where the swords are in terms of each one's overall unique value (attack power + unique ability). Maybe it'll all come to me once I unlock them all, but my curiosity is bugging me now.

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