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Gramview: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

After a short but exciting game I came to the conclusion that it was worth my time. Long discussion and jokes between Metal Gear and Splinter Cell fans made me want to compare both games even more. But I was going to be impartial eventually. First of all: the story, it was a really fascinating. As I was stuck to the screen the whole time and got more curious as the game went on. A really nice story in line with former MGS's and a treat for every MGS fan. A lot of hidden truths from the series (ex. Ocelot), yeah I have to admit I was more than satisfied with everything with which they referred to the other MGS's. The scene follow in a quick passe after each other, which gives a better and clear view on the story.
Again a lot of the controls were the same as in the other games, which was a little disappointing. Sometimes it doesn't work as 'fluently' as you would want it to, for example climbing onto things was a real pain in the butt. Also were the camera view not optimal cause a lot of the times you walk towards the camera which I find rather enjoying. I prefer to walk away from the camera (or 3th person), which I think would be a good one for this game (or the next ones). What I do notice and miss are the real 'awesome' graphics. They intent to use the same quality of graphics throughout the whole game and don't even try with the scene's. Which I think is quit a shame, cause we all know they can do better than that.
Well further I think they expanded the 'reality feeling' a bunch, with the cure-option and food-option. It really makes your mind go in survival overdrive doesn't it... Anyway, I thought the game in general was pretty much like his ancestors, just with a new story this time. Though I loved playing it and lucky me it got a pretty good replay value, otherwise I was done with the game in about 10 hours. What brings us directly to my second big, big disappointment. 'The duration of the game is way to short, ok maybe we got a pretty nice replay value on the game. But hey, I expected a little more than this you guys. This is getting close to 'Fable-shortness' and that isn't good at all. But this still doesn't bring down the game to the debts of worthless games.
And last but not least is the replay value, which I think is more than present in this game. What is of course expected from MGS games, but I have to add I was happy it wasn't those stupid dog-tags anymore...;)
All together now: The game was too short, but the story intriguing which makes up for the story being that short. Except the new healing-methods there were no really new game play-features what I really hoped for. Also were the graphics less than expected but not disturbing and only the camera views were a big pain in the butt.

Well this was it. I hope I did a pretty good job with this 'mini-review'. What I want to add is that this is the first one I ever made and I enjoyed making it 2. I also would like to hear what you think could be better in my review(s). I like to improve myself on this and help is welcome.

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