judoka's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Limited Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

A Fitting Final for an Old Hero

Wow, 10 years ago a game from Konami arrived at US shores a game called Metal Gear Solid for Playstation.  This game was to pioneer cinematic fusion of game and movies.  Now ten years later its finishing up.  The game is definitely for any body who likes Metal Gear and gives some fun gameplay for those who are just jumping in.


Very beauiful engine.  The game runs smoothly majority of the time while showing great detail.  This is a good flagship title for the PS3.


Great music, great gun effects, great voice acting.  The tone is sad and the music does draw you in with the story.


This is the best part here.  While some scenes can be long and overdrawn it is still the best part of the game.  During playing I really became sad for Snake.  You have to discover this for yourself!!

I was simply taken by this game.  I found it hard to putdown the controller. The game does have replayability  because of MGO. 

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