Peace Walker / Mountain Dew

#1 Posted by rijun14 (27 posts) -

 Heres a pic of one of the promotional products for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker :)
 Just bought it today at a convenience store in Osaka

#2 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1654 posts) -

Hah, I've never heard of this, so I lawld when I saw your title. I thought, what the hell has Mountain Dew and Peace Walker in common?? Anyways, that's a promotion idea.

#3 Posted by rijun14 (27 posts) -
@SPACETURTLE:   I laughed when I saw it in the shop for the same reason!  mountain dew and peace walker?!  
I can just imagine snake gulping down some of that mountainy goodness as he's taking people out with a
sniper rifle.
#4 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1654 posts) -
You're so right. That's hilarious! Like he's just smashing Dew's into poeples head instead of the back end of his gun when doing CQC stuff. Good times, good times...
#5 Posted by billygoat117 (153 posts) -

Is this stuff going to come out in the States? I sure do love me some Game Fuel. This is Game Fuel, right?

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