Peace walker on the go?

#1 Posted by pepsipat1 (271 posts) -

will peace walker be on the pspgo? I remember when it was first shown it was shown playable on the go. Any one got a answer?
#2 Posted by Steve_C (1768 posts) -

I don't see any reason why they shouldn't put it up on PSN. It's a big enough game.
Are you able download Portable Ops, because that should be even more confimation of that's up. The bigger question I imagine will be if it's released day and date with the physical version.

#3 Posted by Daveyo520 (7391 posts) -

UGH! I just realized that is exactly why they named it that. So people could say "on the go" and have it mean two things. I hate you Sony marketing team.

#4 Posted by IceOrb (192 posts) -

I wont lie,
I laughed pretty hard at the topic title. "On the GOOOOOOOO?"

#5 Posted by TooWalrus (13344 posts) -

Yeah, most new PSP releases are available to play ON THE GO, or so I've heard.

#6 Posted by DragoonKain1687 (751 posts) -

Yep, in fact, I think its already confirmed. I received an email from Sony with the PSP Go and just below it was "New Great Upcoming games Like MGS PW"

#7 Posted by IceOrb (192 posts) -

Also yes, you can in fact Peace Walk "on the go".
It was one of those things that was announced with the game.
 Expect it Day and Date when it releases.

#8 Posted by pepsipat1 (271 posts) -
I was trying to be a little clever.
#9 Posted by sawfish22 (252 posts) -

Of course it will.  Don't be stupid.
#10 Posted by Makula (64 posts) -

Peace Walker was downloadable from the  Japanese PSN Store in day one. I'm sure the US store will have it next week for sure.

#11 Posted by Peacewalker (5 posts) -

It's not in the PSN store right now, does anybody know what time will it be in there? I'm anxious to play it on my GO.

#12 Posted by edge426 (157 posts) -
@Peacewalker: i dont think the US store updated yet for me its like 6 Eastern time when it generally updates
#13 Posted by Peacewalker (5 posts) -
@edge426:  Oh okay, thanks for letting me know.
#14 Posted by Dynamitekyle (654 posts) -

It is totally up. Fun tiems happen now.

#15 Posted by Peacewalker (5 posts) -
@Dynamitekyle: Hell yeah they do, I just downloaded it :D
#16 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Think we will get a PSN version of this? 

#17 Posted by Makula (64 posts) -

Downloaded Peace Walker from the PSN Store last night, the game is fantastic!

#18 Posted by pepsipat1 (271 posts) -
Great i cant wait. I looking to also kill dragons as snake because apparently you can do that.
#19 Posted by Makula (64 posts) -
I can't wait either, I think killing dragos are part of the challenges in the game.
#20 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

still not there LOL

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