shimastu's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PlayStation Portable) review

An awesome game.

Metal Gear Solid is a Franchise hasn't changed much since it's initial release on NES. Of course besides the obvious graphics and 3d perspective. But the weapons and the crazy war story and the over dramatic soldier fighting to do what is right and to complete his mission hasn't changed yet. Though some things have been added Metal Gear Peace Walker is by far one of the better Metal Gear games Only Matched by MGS4 which is a ps3 game compared to a PSP game. 
The game plays on hand-held fever with good story but with multiply side-missions and number crunching to keep people replaying levels and wanting more.  With the unique ability of having to build your own weapons based on at home stats you do have to take a lot into consideration, although from my experience they give you enough to skirt by but the difficulty goes down considerably if you have a chunky Anti-armor M60 instead of a UZI. But you can beat the game mostly on just a tranq gun and a rocket launcher, but it's much easier with more variety.
The Story is compelling enough to keep you playing and the side missions are good in between main missions. One nice thing about this game also is the Multiplayer aspect. Fighting bosses and taking out enemies is fun in a group, and for all you Monster Hunter fans out there. Metal Gear has a secret Mission setup just for you to take out some of the toughest monsters of Monster Hunter with snake the Most bad ass Soldier that ever lived.

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