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Basic Information

The central location for the Condemned franchise, Metro City is a rundown, mainly impoverished city whose homeless are under the influence of the Oro through the use of sonic emitters spread throughout the slums and projects. Violence in the city is always increasing, with the homeless encroaching further into the city by the second Condemned game, evident by the break-in of a new museum and incidents of train crashes on their behalf. Often the homeless start riots throughout the city, fighting amongst themselves or against the SCU officers trying to control the violence.

 Drugs run rampant in the city, with most of the projects home to speedballers and addicts. Although the better parts of Metro City are rarely seen they are often alluded to, for instance through the radio and local news programs that run on the televisions. Murder is also a large problem through the city, clearly visible in the first game with several serial killers loose, and active, throughout the city.

 According to the end of the second game, Metro City is located within the United States, but the government does seemingly little to aid the city.

The Oro

The driving force behind the madness and insanity in the more impoverished parts of metro city. Throughout the city they have sonic emitters emplaced in hidden locations that when heard, cause the victim to become mentally unstable and violent. The Oro's operating center, the Peninsula, is visible from the shores of Metro City, and throughout the series they have made their presence known more and more with each passing day.

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