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Condemned: Criminal Origins

After almost being killed by Serial Killer X at the scene of a crime, Ethan Thomas awakes in his apartment to find Malcolm Vanhorn looming over him.  Vanhorn explains to Ethan that he must leave, and distracts the police long enough for him to escape.  Ethan discovers the city has descended into chaos, and tries to find more about what's really happening.  Vanhorn shows up infrequently as the story progresses, asking Ethan if he needs help but never revealing any of his true intentions.  Eventually Vanhorn directly helps Ethan by driving him to the home of SKX, all the while maintaing a veil of secrecy about how and why he knows the information.  Ethan finds SKX, but is subdued by Vanhorn.  Before becoming unconcious, Ethan watches hopelessly as SKX turns the tide and knocks out Vanhorn as well.  Vanhorn eventually saves Ethan's life by stopping (mostly stopping) SKX from cutting him.  At the end of the game, Vanhorn tells Ethan that SKX (who's currently tied up in the trunk) is really his nephew, and that he used to be good.  Vanhorn tries to justify SKX's actions, and claims it wasn't really his fault.  Enraged, Ethan gets out of the car and aims his gun at SKX.  In defense, Vanhorn also aims his gun at Ethan to stop him.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Vanhorn, being chased by an unkown assailant, calls the Metro P.D. (Ethan Thomas' old employers) and asks them for Ethan's help.  Ethan, however, is filled with rage and won't answer the call.  Somehow Ethan hallucinates that the city is filled with a black, tar-like substance, and that it has consumed Vanhorn.  As we find out, this isn't far from the truth: Vanhorn died at the hand of his own nephew, Leland Vanhorn (SKX).  Ethan discovers Vanhorn hours later in a dark, dank hotel room.  His body is splayed open, and his major organs are half-way out of his torso.  Towards the end of the game, Ethan searches through Vanhorn's personal home.  It's here he finds Vanhorn's message to him.  Vanhorn tells Ethan about many of the secrets he had yet to discover, and also reveals that he knew he was going to die.

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