blaseslinger262's Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance) review

Metroid Fuses Core Gameplay with Interesting Rennovations

    While escorting a team of scientists Samus is infected by an organism that causes her suit to become corrupted.  The organism creates a copy of Samus and it's up to her with her newly acquired fusion suit as well as her ship's computer to eradicate this new threat.  What we're left with is a satisfying Metroid experience.  The game plays like a classic Metroid game but with some key differences.  In terms of game play, Samus' new fusion suit allows her to absorb all the enemies as health or missile ammunition.  In essence you have to fight and risk health in order to regain health.  Boss battles are interesting and challenging and the standard assortment of suit power ups are waiting to be acquired.
    The real break fusion makes from other games in the franchise is it's storytelling techniques.  Samus actually has written dialogs with the computer of her ship.  In this way her character and more of her mysterious past is fleshed out better than we've previously seen; but more so than that the ship is an interesting and enigmatic character itself.
    From first contact to the final and predictable escape from the self-destructing facility Metroid Fusion is paced well and is definitely recommended to any fan of the series.


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