junior_ain's Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii) review

A great ending to the Prime series and overall a fantastic game!!

And the final statement of the Prime series comes! Right at the introduction you see what's coming, an epic and totally worthy Metroid game, the music and the introduction itself are great, they bring a thrilling felling right at the start, new characters are introduced, new areas, and of course new weapons!

The graphics are sharp, not the best you can see comparing with others consoles, and maybe not even fulfilled by all the power Wii can show, but still beautifully crafted with the visuals more shiny than ever, the light and bright effects were nicely done, and comparing with the previous GameCube games, graphically speaking this may be the most noticeable improvement since the improvements were pretty much little details.

The controls are the top innovation in the game, of course possible by the Wii's controls, and it fits perfectly in the game! My fear was that the controls would become imprecise and uncomfortable, but that's not the case fortunately, the controls are tight and incredibly well-responsive, and the adaptations made for turning the main mechanisms possible actually fits perfectly, since we don't have a backup control stick and a digital pad in a very comfortable position for the bean and visor change, and now the bean change is definitive and the visor change occurs when you press and hold the "-" button; missiles are shot by pressing down in the d-pad (the easiest button to reach), hyper mode in the "+" and so on.

Sound effects and music is something to be considered in a Metroid Prime, and like Metroid Prime 2, this game fail a little at this aspect, it's not really bad, but most of the later moments the music almost feels like it's not there, sound effects always great as usual, but the music is not memorable and addictive as the first Metroid Prime, more at the beginning in Bryyo you can listen to some great music, some kind of thrilling obscure chant, and it's great, not holding up until the end though, making you stand there wishing for more musics like that.

Another bad thing about the game is the length, it's a very short game, even comparing with the other Metroid Prime, it's easily not just the shortest of the tree, but the easiest as well; but the good thing is that it demands a second playthrough, maybe even more, to get 100%, and good thing, now you get to keep your scans after beating the game, you start in the same file and stay with logs, creatures, pirates data you have, but the items you have to get again anyway. Another good thing is phazon, remember how annoying it was? Not anymore because, like the name of the game suggests, Samus is now corrupted and phazon recovers your energy now!

We can not forget about multiplayer, and better, the lack of multiplayer, yes, even though the second game had a simple multiplayer mode, this one not even that, a shame because it could use the internet connection for some good online action, the main focus of the series is not multiplayer anyway, but we could use an online multiplayer mode, even more now that we don't need to keep closing the aim to shoot while moving, we could really use an online multiplayer, but truth be said, the single player holds up well the game.

The main mechanisms of the game are there, energy tanks, missile expansions, hi-fi atmosphere, lots of rooms with their respective names, mighty bosses to be defeated and all you would expect from a Metroid Prime, if you played the previous games and enjoyed them you can't go wrong with Corruption. This game does not come close to the piece of art that the first Metroid Prime is, but is better than the second one, and even if you never played a Metroid Prime, it's always a good time to start!


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