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2 sides of a coin, controls are hit or miss.

Controls: The coin description works well here, as on one hand you've got phenomenal in game controls and actions that do work. However on the same note, the fact that you cannot use a controller means that if your setup isn't ideal, it can be a pain to play. For instance, the tv i started on seemed to be uncooperative in every way with the sensor bar in mp3. The 2nd problem here is often times turning was a pain during boss battles, as moving my cursor to the side of the screen made the wii not follow where i was pointing anymore. Sometimes made things more difficult than they should have been. Lastly, lack of wii-zapper capability is somewhat disheartening, as so few shooters actually come out for the wii, that when 1 does it should give you the option. On the whole, loved the controls more than anything else on the wii, besides the few issues.

Story: The inclusion of the other hunters was a step in the right direction for storytelling, however, they simply did not execute it as well as they could have. The character of Rundas(the ice hunter) had much potential in storytelling or other character development or anything really, also the shape shifter Gandraya almost set up as a rival to Samus, however failed to deliver as well. Otherwise, the voice acting REALLY helped in getting the player immersed into the experience and story, so for storytelling, Metroid prime is headed in the right direction, even if it is the final installment. However, the potential is there for more, however fell short.

Graphics: Amazing, seemed better than Echoes, which is a feat in itself. Gave the game a few more cut scene sections than usual, not too many but having Samus dodge an attack by morphing into a ball just gives her some much needed character. Only issue may be the artistic theme in this game seems to emphasize the color blue a lot. The Ice level, mixed with phazon, and just everything about the game seems very blue. Which made the lava level a breathe of fresh air.

Sound: Like the rest of the series, the music is phenomenal in making you feel a part of the game. Everything in the sound is very spot on, can't complain in the least.

Gameplay: Here is another issue where some may enjoy it, and others don't. Frankly, this game is a lot easier in a lot of ways, the bosses are sometimes a joke, finding upgrades seems easier, and even if you have trouble, you eventually get the ability to see every upgrade on your map. Given, i suppose this is in the theme for the Wii's casual gamers, and didn't make it less enjoyable for me really. The Hypermode can make things ridiculously easy, and because the game was designed to take that into consideration, some enemies can take a brutally long time to kill without it. Also, the backtracking in this game seems to be worse than in any other MP game. Perhaps this can be level design, as you have a ship to reach in order to change levels, meaning if you're far from it can take you twice as long to backtrack as it did in other MP's. Besides that, it was enjoyable gameplay wise, and i enjoyed the motion sensing portions, like welding.

Overall, its an enjoyable experience in every way, if you liked the first game you will most likely like this. Its also a very easy game if you wanted to try a prime game out, without caring for story. However, on the same note, because its so easy, it will most likely offend many Metroid fans, to the point where they cannot enjoy the game if they do not find it challenging. It all depends on the type of person you are, but one way or another, i took that into consideration into the rating, and no matter what kind of person you are, it will not be a BAD game, simply makes the difference between a good game and a great game.


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