junior_ain's Metroid Prime (GameCube) review

Perfect atmosphere in an game that could only be called art.

Metroid Prime is one of those games you can't just call it "a good game", it's pure art, with an atmosphere reaching perfection and being absolutelly amazing in every single aspect possible, this masterpiece stands as one of the best games ever made, and surely the most amazing game of its generation!

Like everything so innovative and great, it may be a little hard for you to really get into this game, you may have a not so good first impression, but that's just before you realize its greatness. The transformation of a 2D platformer game into a real 3D game couldn't had been better, the game type is a mix of first person shooter, third person shooter, action and adventure, and these fits really well together, making it a really revolutionary and immersive game!

The graphics are truly outstanding, both technical and artistically, when released it had one of the best technically looking games, and it continues that way even for today standards, but it's artistically that the game is unbeatable, amazing ambients perfectly crafted and designed, not only to achieve graphical greatness, but to create something that will become timeless, graphics never had been more coherently made than here, with ruins destructed by the massive power of time, caverns so hot that will make you sweat, lands so cold that you will feel the cold breeze coming out of the speakers, and everything experienced by the privileged sight of the inside of Samus suit! Colossal monsters will make you lose your breath, and an outstanding storyline following everything nighly, pure classic!

The sound and sound effects are the best ever created for a video-game, mostly techno and beats that will make you raise your concepts about music in games.

That's Metroid Prime, not only the most amazing piece of art of its gaming generation, but one of the few games which could be called "art" after all.


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