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130318 BeachThunder Concept Overview 08/21/14 12:07AM 3 Approved
121737 Jagged85 Concept Overview 07/15/14 10:03AM 1 Approved
121736 Jagged85 Concept Overview 07/15/14 10:02AM 1 Approved
121735 Jagged85 Concept Overview 07/15/14 10:01AM 1 Approved
121734 Jagged85 Concept Overview 07/15/14 10:00AM 1 Approved
121733 Jagged85 Concept Overview 07/15/14 10:00AM 10 Approved
108927 daveyd Concept Overview 05/23/14 07:36AM 5 Approved
74990 Jagged85 Concept Overview 12/13/13 10:49PM 1 Approved
72413 Jagged85 Concept Overview 11/30/13 03:56PM 1 Approved
72412 Jagged85 Concept Overview 11/30/13 03:54PM 1 Approved
72411 Jagged85 Concept Overview 11/30/13 03:51PM 74 Approved
72407 Jagged85 Concept Overview 11/30/13 03:26PM 1 Approved
72229 Jagged85 Concept Overview 11/30/13 01:49AM 57 Approved
51649 MiserableLittlePile Concept Overview I think that so-called "Metroidvanias" are the epitome of pseudo non-linearity. While some games do allow sequence breaking, it's often because of glitches and not because it was intended by the designers and there is always a set or semi-set path to follow. 08/22/13 03:53AM 2 Approved
25055 Hailinel Concept Overview Adjusted some wording. 04/24/13 03:04PM 1 Approved
21962 BeachThunder Concept Overview 04/13/13 03:20AM 1 Approved

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