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The Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) is an unlockable reconnaissance tool available in the multiplayer portion of the more recent games in the Battlefield franchise. Players control the MAV remotely, flying it around enemy territory to reveal locations of soldiers & equipment. The MAV is also capable of killing soldiers by ramming into them at high speeds.

The MAV is modeled after the US Navy's Honeywell RQ-16 T-Hawk.


The operator of the MAV can manually spot enemies from the air, as well as "jam" other enemy gadgets, instantly destroying them. Players can also stop operating the MAV and leave it on the ground, where it will still function as a motion sensor for their team, lighting up nearby soldiers and vehicles on the mini-map automatically.

Jammable enemy gadgets:

  • MAV
  • T-UGS
  • Radio Beacon
  • EOD Bot

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