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Released on the Sega/Mega CD, 3DO, Amiga CD32 and the PC (DOS game), in 1993. Developed, produced and distributed by psygnosis LTD. There are some slight difference between the versions. With the PC and 3DO versions looking the best.  The game has some quite interesting concepts, being set entirely within the confines of a human body. And also has political as well as environmental overtones.

Explore the human body!
Explore the human body!

It is the mid twenteith century ,and two gigantic global corporations are fighting for control of the planet. There aims are complete supremacy and hegemony over all. The earth is an overcrowded, over polluted mess. Cyber-Tech Industries, one of the two dominant company's on the planet, is being challenged by it's only real rival the Axiom corporation, who blame Cyber-tech for their president's (CEO's) death. To gain revenge and therefore total domination they secretly inject Cyber-Tech's president, Mr Anton Korsby, with a deadly genetically altered virus that threatens to take control of his body and ultimately destroy him, and bring down CyberTech with him. Your mission is to enter president Korsby's body and locate the virus at it's source and destroy it, before the organism takes complete control of his central nervous system.

AmigaCD 32 screen shot
AmigaCD 32 screen shot
Microcosm is a 3D action shooter. Your job is to pilot your way through various parts of the anatomy lungs, veins etc, blasting enemy ships while trying to aviod interfering with his vital organs. Your vessel will become faster and stronger as the game progresses by picking up power-ups which will aid you in your mission to save the president as quickly as possible. Eventually you will make your way up to the brain, where you must defeat Grey M, the parasite that is trying to control Korsby's body.

Microcosm makes use of the larger storage abilitiy of the CD format. Using it  to cram in lots of full-motion video (FMV) and with high-resolution fractal graphics, which are used to great effect to simulate the walls of veins/arteries. Also digital music can be heard throughout the game as well as a good selection of digital sound effects, simulating internal bodily sounds.
The Sega CD version of the game was later sold with Ultraverse Prime

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