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Puzzle Quest move over, you've finally got competition

I was originally quite excited about Clash of Heroes upon seeing it's preview coverage. This sub-genre of puzzle games (puzzle based RPG's) splashed onto the scene with Puzzle Quest, and ever since I finished it, I've been looking for my next fix. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix didn't quite do it, and Puzzle Quest 2 is still a ways off. However I don't need to wait for it anymore. Clash of Heroes more than scratches this particular itch, with possibly a better battle system than PQ.

The combat plays out by matching units to either create attackers or walls for defense. Creating cascades by removing units adds turns, as does moving a unit to create both an attacking formation and a wall. There are 5 factions, which each have 2 different commanders with different spells. You have 3 slots for regular units, of which there are three types per faction, and 2 slots for elites or champions, of which there are 5 types. And then there are artifacts, which modify battle conditions. Picking and choosing factions, units, and artifact combinations adds endless variety to the combat.

The single player campaign is fun and challenging, and playing through it nets you more commanders, units and artifacts for skirmish and multiplayer. The A.I. can be a little dense and predictable at times, but usually starts with an advantage, so combat stays interesting. Playing against s human opponent is even better, as you both try to guess the others next move, wonder what units and artifacts they've brought to the battle, and lining up that perfect move to net you victory.

Which leads me to my two gripes with this game. One is the A.I., which at times can be quite dense, as it will always go for an attacking formation over a wall, even if the wall is the better option at that moment. The other is the lack of online play. While the game does have local WiFi battles, it would only be better to also be able to play over the net, especially with the sometimes lackluster A.I.

But overall this is a game that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

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