The Official Giant Bomb Miiverse Screenshot Thread

#1 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

A little while back, I mentioned how it's now possible, thanks to being able to check Miiverse from a PC, to save screenshots taken with a Wii U to a computer hard drive. For those uninitiated:

  1. Take a screenshot and post it to Miiverse.
  2. Log into Miiverse on your PC and find the relevant post.
  3. Save the screenshot for later use.

See? Easy.

So how about a Miiverse screenshot thread? Here, I'll start. Nothing fancy (I've been playing so much Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. So...goddamn...much....), but I've got a few screenshots I've been able to test this process with, at least:

My initial test screenshot to see if I could pull them from Miiverse. (Totally can!)
You see this sort of screenshot all the time in the Warriors Orochi 3 community.
...It's the thought that counts?

#2 Posted by Dalai (7793 posts) -

I'll give this a try.

y cant metroid crawl?

#3 Posted by Demoskinos (16442 posts) -

@dalai: I kno dis game is so hard.

#4 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@dalai: I don't know man, I tried everything!

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