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Mindjack? More like [naughty pun]! 0

My mind is full of fuck. I'm sorry, I was planning to do an audio version of this review to convey my rage at this game, but because my mic decided to crap out and I didn't want to use my shitty laptop mic for this one, you're getting the wall of text. So the few of you who actually have the patience to read? Read on.  [Oooh, I just thought of a clever title! " Mindjack? More like MindJack-off!" Yeah! I wonder if I'm allowed to put that in the title of this review?]----------------Anyone remembe...

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Mindjack Review: Mindfuck 0

Mindjack has an excellent premise: you have the ability to take control, or "jack" the minds of your enemies. This can turn the tide of a battle and be used in many and interesting ways. However, Mindjack manages to not only botch this concept, but fail to produce a playable product on all fronts. The game is a complete disaster that I can hardly believe a major publisher can put out in 2011.Raping time?Mindjack's story focuses on the near future, where governments have become weak and corrupt o...

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shit 0

Mindjack is an ugly game graphically. Textures lack any detail and look like a bad ps2 game. Character models are ok, but animated poorly and again lack any detail that would make them stand out. The colour palette is completely generic, with nothing but metallic colours and browns. The environments are all industrial grey offices and city environments, and none of them are attractive to the eye or show a spark of creativity or inspiration on the part of the developer. Even the lighting effects ...

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Mindjack: One Year Later! 0

INTRODUCTIONI would like to preference this review by stating that I never did play this game when it first came out. Every gaming website, blog and magazine at the time was screaming at the top of their collective lungs how bad this game was so I never really gave the game a chance, well not right away anyway.The simple matter of fact is I waited almost a whole year to slate my curiosity of this game because I really wanted to see if it was a bad as everyone said it was. So I picked the game up...

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