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Explore futuristic facilities

Minority Report: Everybody Runs was developed and released along with the film, but the events that take place are very different. Activision did not use Tom Cruise's voice or likeness for John Anderton. The game shows some key moments from the film, but most of the time it creates levels and stories specifically for the game.


Kill him with creativity

John Anderton is a pre-crime officer in a futuristic world. A group of retarded psychics have the ability to predict crimes with 100% accuracy, and John happily arrests the pre-criminals. At least, that is, until the pre-cops predict that John himself will murder someone he's never heard of before. John is forced to go on the run from his fellow police officers and try to prove that the system has been tampered with.


Use a variety of weapons

Minority Report is primarily an action game, where you shoot and fight any enemy that comes your way. The game features ragdoll physics and multiple ways to kill enemies, which allows players to experiment. You can shoot, brawl, and throw your enemies around in very many ways. The levels primarily have the player escaping from enemies through different locations in a futuristic Washington D.C. The game also features various levels in which the player can use a jet pack and other forms of transportation.

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