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The M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) also known as the M14 Mod 0 is a variant of the standard M14 battle rifle. The Mod 0 variant consists of the standard M14 barrel, receiver, and trigger assemblies as a standard M14 rifle. However the traditional wooden stock is replaced by a modern modular chassis system manufactured by Sage International. The chassis system allows for the use of a telescoping stock, adjustable cheek plate, pistol grip, and a quad picatinni rail system on the foregrip to allow the mounting of various optics and equipment as well as an altered front sight. The chassis itself is milled directly from a solid aluminum billet. The EBR variant was designed and originally intended to be used by US SOCOM ( US Special Operations Command) units such as the U.S. Navy SEALS. But has also since seen large use within regular service units throughout the United States Armed Services and is used as a Designated Marksman Rifle and limited use as a CQB weapon. Several companies including Sage produce and sell the chassis system to the United States civilian market as a drop in replacement of the standard stocks for M1A, M14, Ruger Mini-14, Mini-30, and M1 Garand type weapon systems. The chassis is freely attached and removed with no permanent modifications and uses a drop in close tolerance design that requires no glass bedding.

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