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Monaco is a European principality that borders France. Its area is only 2.02 sq km (0.78 sq mi). It is a constitutional monarchy. Prince Albert II is the current head of state. Michael Roger is the current Minister of State (head of government). The president of the national council is Stéphane Valeri. The most famous area of Monaco is Monte Carlo, which features a casino and many resorts. Also world famous is the Monaco Grand Prix, a Formula One race that attracts many spectators. Monaco is known to have lax tax laws, and many wealthy individuals reside in the principality as a result. The principality has two football (soccer) teams, one men's, and one women's. The men's football club AS Monaco FC plays in French Ligue 1, and the women's team plays in a French local regional league. The population of this principality is mostly French (28%), Monegasque (21.6%), and Italians (19%). French is their official language, but English, Italian, and Monégasque are also spoken. Their flag is extremely similar to that of Indonesia's flag. The only difference is the relationship between height and width. Monaco has used the Euro since 2002. Monaco is one of the most beautiful countries, and its main industry is tourism.

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