Moments of Triumph?

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This is to record/brag about your most heroic moments in MNC.
My best moment was when I was playing in the arena over Africa (I have no clue what it's called). We were in the last 20 seconds of overtime and neither moneyball had taken any damage the entire game (defensive strategies for both teams were REALLY good). So, in a last-ditch effort, I went assault and in 20 seconds I had avoided snipers, jackbots, and who-knows what and got in a couple shots at their moneyball. Their health bar flashed and went down a very small fraction. I died with 5 seconds left, 5 seconds later their moneyball blew up.  I felt very heroic at that time,  sadly I was only ranked 3rd on the team :/

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I guess my biggest moment of triumph recently is on the ammo mule arena when I got 17 kills in a row. I was so close to getting the pro tag for a 25 kill streak :(

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4 ring outs with one Tank dash.
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@Empirepaintball said:

" 4 ring outs with one Tank dash. "

Wow that's insane.
Mine would be taking on the whole blue team in Grenade Arena with the tank to where I got like a mega streak.
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Finishing a Crossfire Match in under two minutes maybe? Went Gunner, called in a Bouncer, followed it to the enemy's gates, destroyed the turrets and proceeded to win. In the end, it was like 12 kills, no deaths and over. 

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