How long would it take to complete the single player mode?

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I'm about 50 hours in and completed about half the quest of the 5 star difficulty and I had the bad idea to go and check out the list of boss monsters. And apparently I have only just seen half of all the boss monsters which is a really scary though. 

How long would it take to actually beat the single player mode?

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60 hours?
Honestly, unless your going for all the gear it shouldn't take too long.
The last offline monster/boss is very easy as well.

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@animateria said:
" 60 hours?  Honestly, unless your going for all the gear it shouldn't take too long.  The last offline monster/boss is very easy as well. "
60? Well that leaves me 8hours to beat all the bosses... fun times. I guess i spend some time online too but 60 seems a bit low for the solo mode. Well this is my first Monster Hunter game so I suppose that someone who is familiar with the gameplay would finish it way quicker then I.
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60 hours is low? For a MH game yes (well, not so much, it's comparable to Monster Hunter 1, which makes sense as it's a refresh rather than a game that stuffs all the old content together), for a game period, eh, no way? The online mode at least (most likely offline as well) has tougher quests to tackle based on your hunter rank (think Punch-Out!!'s title defense mode, same bosses but tougher) and you get better quality versions of their carvings to make better gear as well, so it's not like seeing each monster once means you finished all the game has to offer for those who enjoy its gameplay and would like it to last longer. There also are quests to beat more than one boss at a time and the event quests which can mix it up further by having say, a giant version of a boss to fight, as if they weren't big enough already. Etc. I'm sure you can play for well over a hundred hours even if you don't get obsessed with getting all the better gear etc.

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Low for all the things that you have to do. For a game it is quite long. Wish more games were longer. Short games are just no fun, once you are starting to get into them they are already over.

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