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The Morph Gun is a firearm featured in the Jak & Daxter series of videogames. It was first presented to Jak by Krew in Jak II, and since then has remained in his possession.

A unique feature of the Morph Gun is its flexibility. Through the addition of modifications (referred to as "gun mods" in the game), the weapon can be customised for optimal performance in any combat situation. There are four of these mods in Jak II, and a further eight are added in Jak 3, bringing the total of known gun mods in the Jak universe to twelve. As the gun itself is given to Jak by a criminal, and many of the mods available are created by other characters, it can be assumed the weapon is illegally manufactured.

Modifications As previously stated, there are currently twelve known mods for the Morph Gun. These are:

  • Scatter Gun (Jak II/Jak 3)
  • Wave Concussor (Jak 3)
  • Plasmite RPG (Jak 3)
  • Blaster (Jak II/Jak 3)
  • Beam Reflexor (Jak 3)
  • Gyro Burster (Jak 3)
  • Vulcan Fury (Jak II/Jak 3)
  • Arc Wielder (Jak 3)
  • Needle Lazer (Jak 3)
  • Peace Maker (Jak II/Jak 3)
  • Mass Inverter (Jak 3)
  • Super Nova (Jak 3)

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