dimsey's Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PlayStation 2) review

Not much has improved, but it's still great fun.

Is Mortal Kombat: Armageddon a good game? Yes.
If you liked MK: Deadly Alliance and MK: Deception, that is.
If you didn't, MK:A won't do anything for you.

The game play is more or less the same, the addition of aerial combat, while nice - isn't game breaking nor making. The new fatality system I'm sort of on the fence about.
On the one hand, I like that it's more interactive. You do more then smash buttons and watch a cut scene.
I think wiping your victory in the face of an opponent is all the more satisfying when they KNOW you intended to rip off their arm and club their head off, as opposed to again - just mashing some buttons and watching a cut scene.

On the other hand, this means there are no unique fatalities.
Sub-zero doesn't freeze his foe and shatters them.
Scorpion doesn't breathe fire over his victims.

Everyone rips off someones limbs. Or rips out someones organs.

The Kreate a Fighter mode is a welcome addition, though one can't help but think it almost unnecessary with a roster of sixty plus fighters as it is.
But it's good. NOT great though.
Theres enough character customization and theres plenty of melee attacks to choose from.
But as far as special attacks go, the variety isn't so hot.
I also believe that in interviews it was stated you'd be able to customize your attacks to some degree, for example - changing the color of your fireball.
Not so. This time around, the name of the mini-game is Motor Kombat.
I hear people praising it all round, mostly.
Some going as far to say they should make it a full game, like some kind of spin-off. I'd go for that if they sold it as at a budget price, but it wouldn't be worth the money otherwise. Its good. But not THAT good.

Konquest mode is better this time around.
Feeling like a sort of cheap Shaolin Monks knock-off.
Thats a good thing. It's not as open-ended as the last Konquest though.
But it's more interesting and Taven is slightly more likeable then Shujinko whom I wish would like, die - and stay dead. Graphics and sound are about equal to Deception, which is fine.
And I guess thats all there is too it.


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