With Mk9 coming up, I had the urge to watch the first movie.

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 Test your Might...To watch!

  It's been a long while since I watched the first movie. So it was sitting on my shelf and I thought "Hell, why not?"  I have to say. As a movie, it doesn't hold up well. However the context within the movie itself still is great.  
Is it a good movie? No ( but in a good way) 
Is if a good Video game movie? Yes 
Is it the best fight game movie? YES! 
Heres a few things that make it great:  
-Casting is amazing. They pretty much nailed it on terms of how they're supposed to look. Kano is pretty much perfect. 
-Movie fills all the concept of the game into a plausible matter. It takes itself semi serious with the games context and it does it well. It blends the right amount of cheese with seriousness. 
-Dudes fighting to 90's techno... ridiculous and great. 
-Gave everyone equal amount of time and it got down to it.  
 -Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa is pretty much the perfect bad guy. He just oozes asshole-ness and you love every minute of it.
 This guy is REALLY into Demon Souls.

Only things that were kinda dumb was that Sub Zero gets the short end of the stick compared to Scorpion, and when Lu Kang is fighting Reptile... Where the Hell was Johnny Cage the whole time?  
Just a shame the 2nd movie wasn't as good. Also, wasn't there supposed to be a new movie that was supposed to come out? or in the works? If there is I hope is discredits the 2nd movie and redoes what it should have been. 
With that I leave with what you all came for:   
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You get a free digital rental of the movie if you pre-order MK9 from Amazon. I checked it out through that promotion, and although it was kind of bad, I still had fun. And it was free. And legal. Just saying.
EDIT: Actually, looks like that might be over. Oh well.

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Best thing about those films was the theme song playing during the credits.

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MK remains pretty much the only all-good videogame movie because, let's face it, the game is pretty much a kung-fu movie...so they just went and made a kung-fu movie. They didn't try to change everything around (Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros) or try to cram everything that's good about the game into a plot that can't support it (Silent Hill). And it was by people who actually seemed to care whether or not the product was any good as opposed to just being a cheap cash-in (Legend of Chun-Li, anything Uwe Boll touches). 
And sadly, to your point of the 3rd movie, it's by the same people who did the 2nd one, and they're the ones holding back any kind of progress with the series (hence why Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is a web-series instead of a full-on movie). Oh and as a bit of trivia, since you like Kano so much, Ed Boon and Co. liked his performance so much that they actually had him be Kano in future iterations. Not this most recent one, though, as I believe he's dead.

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One thing that did bother me though was Scorpion and Sub-Zero being mind slaves. They are the two biggest mascots for the games, and though I understand wanting to make the movie about the good guys, I didn't like that they were made lame like that and worked together instead of fighting each other. It would have complicated things, but it would have been cool to see them get a proper subplot as real characters. Though that would probably require some level of actual film making skill to pull off.

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It comes out on Bluray the same day as the game. 
Also, Sub Zero totally gets killed by a bucket. I mean, what the hell.

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It always bothered me that Raiden was made into a white guy. Raiden from the video games is so obviously asian. Also, I don't understand how Scorpion's rope+knife-thingy was interpreted as a creature living within his hand. Not that rope-knife-combo makes a whole lot of sense either (such a weapon could never be used in the way it is in the video games, as the knife would simply slide out when the rope is pulled), but that's clearly what it's supposed to be.

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@fuzzyponken said:
" It always bothered me that Raiden was made into a white guy. Raiden from the video games is so obviously asian. "
I've always wanted the game Raiden to take on more of a Christopher Lamber look after that film.  
I'm not ashamed to admit it's one of my, like, ten favorite movies ever. I think it's a bummer that Sub-Zero's fight is so lame, and that he's half as tall as Liu Kang, but the Scorpion, Reptile, and Shang Tsung fights are all worth it.  
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Johnny Cage vs Scorpion in the first MK movie is one of my favorite  scenes in an American martial arts movie. 
It just has a certain je neis sais quoi visually and performance wise. 
And they really did an impressive job with the Goro animatronics.

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I rewatched it fairly recently. Mortal Kombat was one of my all time favorite movies as a kid, so my memories of it were quite fond. It held up somewhat decently, although at times it felt really disjointed and some of the scenes where unbearably corny. Christopher Lamber's performance as Raiden is... odd. Still, the fights are great and it stays close to the source material, which is corny as hell in it's own right. Still the best videogame movie to date.

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@TheBlackPigeon: Pfft, it's no punching monster in the butt.
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@dudeglove: No.
But it was still relevant. : 3

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