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About Mount Crenel
Mount Crenel is the location of The Element of Fire in the Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Link starts off at the bottom of the mountain, and has to climb his way up while avoiding dangerous creatures and obstacles. At one point, Link cannot continue on up the mountain because he needs to buy the grip ring from a business scrub, located in a cave inside the mountain. To gain entrance, you need to blow it up with bombs, then pay the business scrub whatever he wishes to obtain the Grip Ring to continue on. Eventually, Link will make it to the top, gaining entrance inside the Cave of Flames, where you obtain the rare item, the Cane of Pacci, which can flip over certain objects.

The Boss of The Cave of Flames
The boss that Link fights in the Cave of Flames is a huge, dragon-like thingie called Gleerok, or the Guardian of the Fire Element, which Link needs in order to rescue Princess Zelda, and save Hyrule from the Evil Sorceror, Vaati.
Link challenging the Guardian of Fire, Gleerok.

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