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The Picori blade was a sacred sword that was used to hold the evil creatures of Hyrule in side a large chest. One day Vaati, an evil sorcerer tried to steal the contents of the chest, instead he released the creatures all over Hyrule. The Picori Blade was broken off the chest.

Link holding the newly fixed Picori Blade (from this point on it is known as the White Blade)

The Picori Blade is also known as the White Blade. The Picori Blade was a token of appreciation of winning the Hyrule Swordsmen fighting contest (the winner of the competition got to touch the sword). After Vaati broke the blade, Link brings it Melari to be fixed. Once it is fixed, Link uses the Picori Blade (now called the White Blade) to try and brake the curse that Vaati put on Princess Zelda. Every time Link finds an element, the Picori Blade/ White Blade gets stronger in power. Every so often Link is able to go to Swiftblade and various other swordsmen in Hyrule to learn some more fighting moves and better abilities with the Picori Blade/ White Blade.

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