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Mountain Dew is perhaps the most well-known citrus soft drink in the world. It is known for being high in sugar and having a distinctive citrus taste that spawned numerous knockoff versions of the soda like Mountain Holler and Surge. Due to their high appeal to people who play videogames, Mountain Dew has done a lot of videogame endorsements in the past, including Halo 3, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The drink itself appears in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Branding and logos for Mountain Dew have been in countless games, specifically sports games.

Mountain Dew often does promotions called "Dewmocracy" where three flavors of Mountain Dew are released for a short time period and consumers are encouraged to vote online about which is their favorite. The winner becomes a permanent flavor.

The popular energy drink Amp is also manufactured by PepsiCo and is branded as a Mountain Dew product. It tastes similar to Mountain Dew.

Recently Mountain Dew changed their branding to Mtn Dew, still retaining the same green color scheme.

In 2008, Doritos released a special "Quest" flavor of Doritos, which was revealed later to be modeled after the taste of Mountain Dew.

Popular rumors have circulated that the yellow dye in Mountain Dew (particularly Yellow 5) reduces sperm count and causes shrunken testicles. This has been proven to be untrue, as Yellow 5 has never been scientifically proven to cause any of these things, nor has any other ingredient in Mountain Dew.


There are many offshoot flavors of Mountain Dew. Some of the more well known ones are:

Code Red - Cherry flavored. Released in 2001.

LiveWire - Orange flavored. Released in 2003.

Distortion - Lime flavored. Dewmocracy flavor. Released in 2010.

WhiteOut - Grapefruit flavored, similar to Squirt. Dewmocracy flavor. Released in 2010.

Typhoon - Tropical punch. Dewmocracy flavor. Released in 2010.

Pitch Black - Grape flavored. Brought back a year later as Pitch Black II, a more sour version of Pitch Black. Pitch Black was released in 2004, and rereleased in 2011. Pitch Black II was released in 2005.

Game Fuel is a flavor of Mountain Dew that is specifically sponsored by games. In 2007, when Halo 3 was being released, the first iteration of Mountain Dew Game Fuel came out. It was a citrus cherry flavor.

In 2009, Mountain Dew and World of Warcraft partnered to release two new flavors of Game Fuel. The two flavors were supposed to represent the two factions in World of Warcraft, the Horde and the Alliance. The Horde flavor tasted similar to the original Halo Game Fuel, while the Alliance flavor was blue with a berry taste.

A third run of Mountain Dew Game Fuel was released in 2011 to tie into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. One flavor is the traditional cherry citrus, like the Horde and Halo 3 flavors, and the other flavor is a green tropical flavor.

Mountain Dew Baja Blast is a tropical lime and pineapple flavored Mountain Dew. In the United States, it's available only at Taco Bell. Released in 2004.

Supernova - Strawberry flavor. Dewmocracy flavor. Released in 2008 and rereleased in 2011.

Voltage - Raspberry flavor. Winner of the 2008 Dewmocracy promotion. Still a flavor available in most areas.

Revolution - Wild berry flavor. Dewmocracy flavor. Released in 2008. Discontinued.

Crave - Sour apple flavor. Released only as Diet Mountain Dew Crave, with no regular version released. It was discontinued extremely quickly. Released in 2011.

Throwback - The same flavor as original Mountain Dew, except instead of artificial sugars, it uses real cane sugar. Mountain Dew Throwback is a part of Pepsi's promotions of Throwback flavors, which also included Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.

Dark Berry - Movie tie-in with The Dark Knight Rises in summer 2012. Giant Bomb themselves talked about it in an episode of Mailbag. It is known for its standout color, a glowing violet. The flavor is similar to a previous flavor, Revolution.

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