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Muv-Luv Extra

Muv-Luv Extra takes place in modern-day Japan. The player navigates the game through the eyes of Takeru Shirogane. A third-year student in Hakuryou High School. Lazy, carefree, loves video games.

Bio for all characters or reserve for character pages?

Plot changes a bit depending on routes. List main story then differences between routes.

Muv-Luv Unlimited

Muv-Luv Unlimited begins with the player waking up in an alternate timeline where extraterrestrials called BETA invaded the earth in the 70s. Instead of being executed as a suspected spy, Shirogane is given a second chance by this world's version of his previous instructor, Yuuko Kouzuki, and placed in 207th Training Unit with the alternate-world version of his previous classmates.

Mech combat ensues; uglies bumped.


Kei Ayamine

Sumika Kagami

Meiya Mitsurugi

Chizuru Sakaki

Miki Tamase

Mikoto Yoroi


PC CD-ROMFebruary 28, 2003Original release.
PC DVD-ROMApril 30, 2004Same as original.
All-Ages VersionSeptember 22, 2006Adult content removed, new opening sequences, CG sequences, minor script changes, ported to a new engine.
Xbox 360October 27, 2011Same content all-ages version, uses an updated engine.
Windows 7 EditionJune 29, 2012Same as Xbox 360 version but with adult content restored. New openings not included. Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.
Playstation 3October 25, 2012Same as Xbox 360 version. New openings added.

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