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Background Information

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On December 2nd, 2008 Mytheon was announced as Petroglyph's free to play micro-transaction MMO game. The title's original release was North America Fall 2009 but failed to meet that mark and set a new release date for July 13, 2010. The game is currently in open beta. On June 25, 2010, UTV True Games announced a partnership with  gamigo to launch Mytheon in European territories. 
The world of Mtyheon is currently based off Greek and Egyptian mythology. Battle mechanics focuses on real-time combat and wide assortment of collectibles that provide abilities. Players enter the world as Stonecasters and focus on collecting Power Stones. These stones allow players to cast spells, summon minions, and create battle structures to aid them in combat. Stonecasters must use proper strategy while using power stones to defeat monsters and other players. "Super weapons" are created by Stonecasters with combining one of six different sets of stones. Three classes are currently live: Warcasters, Elementalists, and Eidolons. Warcasters, the tanks of Mytheon have access to the most companion stones and combos. Elementalists are the ranged dps class utilizing Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. Finally, Eidolons are warrior priests from Egypt functioning as the primary  healers of the game.
Male Warcaster
Mytheon offers a variety of PvP and PvE gameplay options. Players talk to Battlemaster Avitus in Argos where they will be placed in a queue and get matched with other players. Battling other players awards experience and participants will be ranked on Mytheon leaderboards. Arena Battles are 1v1 and 2v2 while PvP scenarios are 4v4. Co-op arena battles allow two teams to work together and defeat a wide range of monsters. The winning team fights unique bosses that drop high level PvP gear and power stones. Gear is properly allocated to classes that can use them.



Since the dawn of history, the gods had dominion over the world. Fickle and petty, they imposed their rule on humanity, but even the gods themselves answer to a higher power, the three Sisters of Fate.The sisters have decreed that the age of the gods is at an end, and so, mortal men must now prove their worthiness of becoming their own masters. To that end, a tournament has been declared; Humanity is to triumph over the gods if they wish to win their freedom and usher in the age of man.

In order to level the playing field, the sisters of fate forged the Power Stones; powerful relics charged with the alchemical element “Mytheon”.  Stone casters now have the power to challenge the gods and their minions, able to summon all manner of spells, champions, creatures and structures to do battle.   


 The bosses of Mytheon currently focus on Greek Mythology.


The oldest of the three brothers between Zeus, Poseidon, and himself, Hades became the unfortunate ruler of the Underworld. At one time he was considered a wise and fair ruler but has changed into a brutal tyrant. When the War with Gods started, Hades was reluctant at first but eventually joined the side of the Gods.  


Goddess of purity, youth, and vitality Persephone's beauty was so great Hades kidnaps her to the Underworld and makes her his Queen. Demeter, Persephone's Mother, commissions Hermes to travel to the Underworld and retrieve her daughter because of her absence on the world left it cold an barren. Persephone is tricked into eating some fruit of the Netherworld and must spend three months in the Underworld causing the winter season. When the war began, Persephone became cold and ruthless from defending her way of life.  


The sorceress who turned Odysseus's men into animals was commissioned by the Gods to fight on their side. She quickly took the offer and is a master in alchemy.   


The God of the Oceans and creator of horses, Poseidon is the only God to launch a direct attack on Argos. The city only survived because it was under the protection of The Golden Fleece. When the Fates decided Man should become the new rulers Poseidon's jealously makes him one of the most intimidating foes players must face.  


Mytheon is free to download and does not charge a monthly fee. Monetary purchases are converted into Mytheon Coins that can buy in-game weapons, stones, and abilities. A lifetime package called Champions of Mytheon for $130 is available as well. This package includes, 2500 Mytheon Coins, 50 Flowing Elixirs, 50 Elixirs of Combined Wisdom, 25 Death Defying Elixirs, and one Item Lottery Pack. Purchasers will also receive their name listed in the credits of Mytheon, a poster signed by the development team, and early access to future expansion pack Mytheon, Land of Egypt.  

Community Involvement

 Since the announcement of Mytheon, Petroglyph has launched many contests to involve the community.  
September 9, 2009 
- Fan Site Contest where Petroglyph judge the best Mytheon Fan Site with closed beta invites, $50 in game credit, link from the offical site, and an exclusive interview with a Petroglyph developer. 
October 22, 2009 
- First 1,000 eligible players to register on the site would be awarded access to the closed beta. 
March 25, 2010 
- Mytheon developers ask the community to join them Earth Hour 2010, where the closed beta would be turned off for exactly 1 hour on March 27, 2010, 8:30 PM PST. 
April 28, 2010 to April 30, 2010
- Players who logged in during this period of time and participate in PvP and other instance zones are automatically entered into a drawing to win an Alienware M17x. Seven 2nd place winners received an 8 gig iPod Touch and 100 3rd place winners received $10 iTunes cards. 

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