ruig87's Naruto: Clash of Ninja (GameCube) review

Only for Naruto fans

 A few months ago I bought this brilliant game. And I have to say I was surprised by how good it was. Great graphics, good gameplay and a decent soundtrack. Unlike the Narutimate Hero games in this one you have a 3D background that allows you to side step.
The problems that the game has is the Story Mode which is kind of short, it only follows the beginning pf the show until the end of the Zabuza arc, the other problem is the number of characters, there are a total 7 selectable characters and 3 transformations:

- Uzumaki Naruto w/ Kyuubi Naruto
- Uchiha Sasuke w/ Sharingan Sasuke
- Haruno Sakura
- Hatake Kakashi w/ Sharingan Kakashi
- Mimochi Zabuza
- Haku
- Rock Lee

besides this it's quite a good and entertaining game, definitely a must for any Naruto fan. 
Note: Review based on the original Japanese version of the game.


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