This would make for an amazing TNT

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i mean need i say more? Im sure in true giant bomb fashion no one would really brush up on the mechanics, and it be about 2 hours of confusion and fear. i truly believe it be fucking hilarious. I really hope when the game comes out in October (i hope the game comes out in October) that GB wont forget about it. i know its a busy month. so fingers crossed!

Im just going to put this video in here for some context. it be just like this, only WAY WAY WAY more confusion!

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I totally agree. This game needs some coverage because it is come a long way since the super buggy alpha.

On a side note I'd love to get a GB server going for this game, and if anyone is playing the beta feel free to add me:

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Would it, though? There is a chance that someone is actually going to review it, and maybe get slightly familiar with the game. But it's more likely that Ryan will just play it for 20 minutes before TNT starts, and he'll be complete rubbish at it and only play one class he thinks is the beginner class (50/50 whether he is actually right about that) and he'll play that class poorly.

Sorry, I'm super jaded, but I'm kind of tired of TNTs where Ryan is playing, because he's just too not very good at competitive multiplayer games, compared to Brad or Jeff. But unfortunately Ryan is apparently the only staff member that has boundless commitment and is willing to appear on TNT each week, while the competent staff members bail to go "have a social life".

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I guess I should say I hope they give this game the attention it deserves and TNT usually does that. The actual ability of anyone on the staff to play the game properly is another story. That being said it's pretty fun watching someone run up walls and on the ceiling biting people even if they aren't great at it.

Also they don't always listen to voice com while playing on TNT and that's kind of key to winning as either side.

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there have been times where they have had no clue on what to do or how to play, and its been pretty funny to watch (dayz was pretty funny) It be awesome if the whole staff got on board and played the game together that be pure gold.

on a side note if there is even a quick look for this game i bet you Dave will be a part of it. this seems like a "Dave" kind of game.

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If they need a server for this -[420]- Clan has servers they can use!

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I like imagining Ryan, Drew and Brad on Marines side. And then Jeff, Vinny and Patrick on Alien side.

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I have a feeling it will be one of those dumb dual game TNTs with Halo 4 taking up most the time.

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