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3.5 stars 3.5/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 12 releases and 0 DLC

NBA 2k12 Review (9.5 out 10 0

Let me get this out of the way so you won't dismiss this review as ignorant gushing. NBA 2K11 was the best sports game of all time. Period. End of story. With the classic teams ranging from the Seattle Sonics to the rugged Detroit Pistons, it was a real treat for both new and old NBA fans a like. Then they threw in the improved graphics engine and the few core gameplay tweaks that helped refine the experience. I honestly thought NBA 2K12 had no chance to match what NBA 2K11 accomplished, but I w...

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Somewhat better than NBA 2K11 0

So far I have only played the My Player mode of the game. While I am enjoying it for the most part, there are a few things that bug me:Your teammates are generally shit for defense (they leave their man way too open/rotate too much or rotate for no good reason)Your teammates are generally shit when you pass them the ball on a fastbreakEven with a supremely high rating for pull-up jumpers, shooting in traffic, 3pt shooting, clutch offense, etc., you will STILL miss on WIDE OPEN 3s and mid-range s...

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Disappointment 0

I'm a big fan of basketball so by no means I'm rating this game simply because its too hard or complicated. This game isn't that what it is though is broken, unbalanced, and filled with lag. I'm surprised as to how 2ksports could fall so low. I was mixed with 2k10 the lack of defense was just atrocious and the ISO moves were sloppy. Then comes 2k11 one of the best basketball games ever made! It doesn't beat my favorite basketball game, NBA Live 2003, but it definitely comes close. So obviously I...

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NBA 2K12 Review 0

It is yet another season for basketball, and for fans out there this game went from a simulation of the real thing to a simulation of a fantasy. With the NBA lock out still going at the time of this review this game, in my mind, should be noted as strictly a fantasy. The selling point of this game was the different covers that could be found for it. You have Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and my favorite, Larry Bird. The unfortunate thing is that this is truly the highlight of the game.Graphical...

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