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All New Play Calling

NBA Live 95' released in fall 1994 included all 27 NBA teams and an all new season mode. Live 95' featured en extensive strategy package with 46 offensive plays and four defensive sets to choose from while in game. The player can control offensive and defensive match-ups along with dunks, and lay ups. Fully featured player control added passing while on the run and the introduction of "Turbo" mode.

Hints and Cheats:

NBA Live '95 Practice Mode

While playing, hold A and press START. In this mode you can practice your shots and view statistics (i.e., chance to make a shot.)

NBA Live '95 Slam Dunk

While running towards the basket,as soon as you cross the white line push jump. This action will activate the slam dunk animation. The style of the slam dunk depends upon your distance from the basket.

NBA Live '95 Bonus Golf Game

At the Player Setup screen, highlight any team and press UP until an option named "Start New" appears. Press START and enter the name, "REFLOG". Press START again and you will have unlocked the bonus golf mini-game.

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