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Neckies are common enemies in Donkey Kong Country on the SNES and Donkey Kong Land on the GameBoy, defeated by being jumped on. Two bosses named Master Necky and Master Necky Snr.--giant versions of their common counterparts--also make an appearance.

In Donkey Kong 64, a Necky appears in the Angry Aztec area and drops a Golden Banana. A friendly Necky also appears, where it asks Diddy Kong to fly through rings to obtain a Golden Banana after Diddy has freed him from his cage.

Neckies also make cameo appearances in Super Smash Bros. (in the background of the Congo Jungle stage) and Super Smash Bros. Melee (in the background of the Jungle Japes stage). Their most recent appearances are as enemies in DK: King of Swing and DK: Jungle Climber, as well as being obstacles in Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast.

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