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Best Need for speed Game ever made

Game play the game I was waiting for years need for speed hot pursuit with free roam that you can choose to drive cop cars or racer cars. The career has changed to you can choose to be a cop and stop the street racers or break the law then street race and the best part is you can play what you want and all the new events are good. Even know criterion has made this game I am not afraid to say that I want Criterion to continue on to the nfs series because that franchise has made all great burnout games that were all a great success I have played most burnout games and I have to say that Need for speed Hot pursuit has been successfully made and it's a top hit. After Most wanted the need for speed franchise went downhill not because of its graphics but mostly because of its core game play wich has been made quickly and a lot of games came out in such short time. I have been collected all the need for speed games from 1994 and I have to say electronic arts did well until it got to the need for speed games onto the good consoles it started crappy then progressed but the best game of all time is need for speed most wanted and need for speed hot pusuit 2010. Autolog is a great future to prolong the game play time with autolog you can compare and challenge you're friends to beat their high score its like a facebook game except you can compare more and send a little message after beating the opponent.

Graphics: The graphics are supposed to be the best since it's a 2010 game and it has to be outstanding to be honest the weather effects are the most realistic I have ever seen in a racing game before the reflections on the road and on the car makes the game even better even when you enter a tunnel you can feel the car sound change and every slight quick movement can make your car loose control even know its not a simulation racing game its plain fun but realism isn't the case its called a video game a video game is made to have fun and that's what hot pursuit is all about.

Sound The car sounds are excellent the only thing that disappointed me is the music there is not a lot of choices of like styles or songs barely enough songs to keep me entertained ive noticed like 15 songs in the whole game.

Overall : Even know need for speed hot pursuit 2010 does not have car customisation hot pursuit is still offering a lots of fun online or single player.

Positive +

+Great licensed cars

+Free roam

+Great use of autolog

+Cops-and racer career

+Intense police chases

+Fast paced racing game

+Great Weather Effects

Negative –

-Career is fun but there is not like story to it like most wanted its more like enter an event and that's it

-No customisation

-Online is laggy


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