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Amazing game but has flaws

Lets just get this out of the way from the start, if you are not a fan of DnD this game is not for you and you should probably run very very far away from it....... there now that all of 2 of you are remaining and have yet to retreat back to your mothers basement let me tell you about one of the greatest DnD 3D games ever to grace the PC or any platform for that matter. Neverwinter Nights came onto the scene back in 2002 and got great reviews from the PC and gaming community.

     At launch Neverwinter was considered decent looking and considering how long its been out , it has not held up well.  in a world where games are looking super smooth and anti aliasting is a must have this game will make ur eyes bleed and not in a good way.

   This is where the game has its majour saving grace. This game i can still come back to 6 years later and still jump online and find an interesting server to fire into and play. the best way that i can describe this game is a 3D diablo but with less clicking and more rolling of dice behind the scenes. this game has also become an amazing playground for people with a positive immagination to express themselves.

   What can i say about this. it has the appropriate ammount of sound effect for the right situatons.

so in the end all i can say is this game may look like something that came out of the N64 era for graphics. but the innovative game play and (free) online servers that are limited only by the immaginations of the people behind them will keep you comming back for many many more years as it has done to me.


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