[HD] Ni no Kuni:Wrath of the White Witch Footage (English)

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The following videos are not mine. I'm posting them because they are in English and provide a good overview of the game. The person who made the videos knows his stuff, so try to be tolerant of the personality (I realize it may not be to everyone's tastes). He also makes pretty good Dark Souls videos.

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If only this was coming to the 360 :/

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looks f awesome!

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Sick looking game that I've had on my radar ever since I watched the first trailer, which was magical. It just sucks that since it's Japanese and not for 360, it's probably not getting any sort of coverage or mention on the Giant Bomb.

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awesome vid, i wasnt too sure what exactly the mechanics were before, but that first video does a good job at explaining things. Jan 22nd cant come fast enough!

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Another reason to get a goddamned PS3.

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Right when the guy said "What up yaaaaal" I said hell no. I really want to play this game though. Also, is it pronounced Jibli, or Gibli? I'd love to see Studio Ghibli make a game similar to what Zelda is, I mean, that'd be fantastic. Before I had even heard of this game, it was at the time Skyward Sword came out, I was thinking that Studio Ghibli would do well to make a video game, a game kind of like Zelda. I just learned the other day that they had done one on PS2. I don't know, I guess I say that because I think the there can be some crazy characters in both worlds. Also, one more thing, this guy swearing makes it funny, it just doesn't match the game; "Bust a couple of fucking kneecaps."


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