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Nick Carlyle

At the beginning of Lollipop Chainsaw, the main protagonist Juliet Starling is trying to rescue Nick (her boyfriend). In a turn of events, it is Nick who rescues Juliet from a zombie attack but gets bitten on the wrist by a zombie in the process. As he professes his feelings and love for her, Juliet cannot stand the fate of her boyfriend and in a desperate attempt to save him, she decapitates his head with her chainsaw. Now just a head with no body or limbs, he accompanies Juliet on her adventure as her fashion accessory.

Nick Shoot

Throughout the game, Nick becomes playable by having his severed head temporarily attached on a zombie's body and through various mini games/quick time events or attacks involving Nick such as "Nick Shake", "Nick Toss", "Nick Popper", or "Nick Shoot" by using Nick Tickets.

Nick Carlyle is voiced by Michael Rosenbaum.

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