exists's Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360) review

Masterpiece!!! My right thumb hurts...

If you're not ready to put the time and effort into this game, prepare for self-inflicted Obliteration very early on ;) even on the so-called Easy/Acolyte difficulty but if you do spend the time then it pays off big time! It's even better than Ninja Gaiden Black!

Arguably one of the Top 10 games ever created!

What was GIANT
- Gameplay > Very unique and challenging, takes a while to get used to then it's a complete blast to play the game and watch the slaughterfest! Very similar to the original game on the Xbox so a plus if you've played it.

- Combos > From Ultimate Techniques to Obliterations and the infinite combos, there's so much depth you can keep coming back for ages for new moves. The obliteration technique was a good add-on, looks like Assassin's creed's finish kills but way more visceral.

- Graphics / Art Style > Looks really good, the art style and bosses are very well done, pretty spectacular when in full combat action.

- Save points > More save points than NGBlack and you can go back to save if needed, well balanced.

- Red Costume > Looks cool!

- Collecting Items > 30 skulls, not 400 flags or 500 orbs!

- Achievements > Pretty well balanced.

- Button Mashing doesn't work!

- Co-op > Would be awesome!

- Slow-Motion > An optional F.E.A.R.-esque slow-mo mode would be a pretty cool plus to see actions in more detail.

What BOMBed
- Update Glitch > If you downloaded the patch (if you're online) then you have to uninstall it to finish the game and play offline, not a big deal but at least the patch needs to be removed, poorly tested!

- Camera > Not as bad as I expected based on the reviews I read, could be better but with so much speed could get you dizzy if they move it too much.

- Easy (Acolyte) Difficulty > Not as easy as you might think, still pretty hard for casual gamers. Just check the forums for many disappointed players who don't want to put the effort.

- Dialogue > Really cheesy, could be better.

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