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The Wait Was Worth It 0

After numerous delays, Ninja Gaiden has finally made its way to stores.  Was it worth the wait?  Simply put...hell fuckin' yeah it was.  All jokes aside, this ninja kicks serious ass.  If you're new to Team Ninja's games, Ninja Gaiden comes from the same mind of the creator of Dead or Alive, Tomonobu Itagaki.  Ninja Gaiden takes place several years before the first Dead or Alive tournament, so this isn't your typical "ancient Japan ninja game."  The evil Dark Dragon Bl...

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Ninja Gaiden is simply one of the best action games of all time 0

Ninja Gaiden is simply one of the best action games of all time. You play as Ryu Hayabusa, a young ninja out to exact revenge on the Vigoor empire for destroying your village and stealing the infamous Dark Dragon Blade. Graphically, this game is a stunner, with some of the most polished visuals and spectacular effects ever in an Xbox game. The animations are also noteworthy, as Ryu moves with a fluidity and naturalness rarely seen in videogames. All the sound effects are spot on--the sword sla...

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You flinch, you DIE!!! 0

After falling asleep (or meditating in this case) for more then a decade, ninja gaiden returned for the microsoft's first xbox to bring back some of those old repressed memories of yelling at the TV when another eagle kills you.Ninja gaiden is THE game where you WILL die alot, BUT....but almost every death WILL be your fault. Whether because you don't know how to focus or someone is bothering you from outside the game, it will almost never be because the game is unfair or cheating.Okay let's get...

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The Best Action Adventure & Most Frustrating Masterpiece 0

Ninja Gaiden is based on the classic arcade game that was released in 1988 and was known as the first video game to introduce cutscenes to the industry. You play as Ryu Hayabusa, a vindictive ninja who not only is the main character of the Ninja Gaiden series, but also a combatant in the Dead or Alive Series. He's on a hot trail for Doku, a mysterious and powerful being who's responsible for the massacre of the Hayabusa village and the death of Ryu's childhood friend, and now their champion is b...

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Fantastic! 0

Ryu Hayabusa is epic! this is one super ninja hell bent on revenge against ninjas,fiends,demons and all creatures unimaginable. who you get to kill with some very punishing moves.Gameplay:This is what Ninja Gaiden does best. the game puts a super ninja against modern military armies, demons and of course other ninjas. so don't expect this to be easy. however don't be put off by the many warnings other reviewers may caution you about. This was my first ever action game and I really enjoyed it, ev...

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Great game for experienced gamers 0

If you are an experienced gamer you might enjoy this game more then a newer gamer. It is difficult at first but you can master this game. Gameplay: The gameplay is very smooth. Enemies jump out of different areas to often catch you by surprise. The camera angles can take a little getting used to.Graphics: The cutscenes are phenominal and actually matter to the storyline instead of being all flash but no content. The graphics are great while playing the game as well. The surrounding are nice and ...

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