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Ninja Pac Man is another take on classic Pac-Man gameplay with some minor innovative features. This time our yellow friend is eating dots and escaping from evils ghosts in an isometric world wearing a black 'ninja style' blindfold. The game features 4 differently themed worlds that can be played agaijn and again until the player loses all Pac's lives.

Ninja Pac-Man is able to jump and collect various items scattered around the levels:


Dots - you have to get all of them to finish the level.

Big Dots - they give Pac-Man a temporary ability to eat his ghost enemies. Use them wisely as the number is always limited. When Pac uses this boost he can create combos by eating a few ghosts in rapid succession earning up to 7650 points per ghost.

Ninja Weapons - (nunchucks, swords, mugs (?) etc.) pick them up for extra points.

Special Items - collecting them results in various boosts like invincibility (the 'R' pill) or increase in movement speed (the 'C' pill).

Run for your life!

Each world opens wit a neat and funny cutscene depicting Pac being chased by different types of ghosts and vive versa.

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