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NK Dinamo Zagreb is one of the best if not the best club in Croatia.It is located in Zagreb (the capital city of Croatia),they are not the only soccer club in Zagreb ,the other one is a very weak soccer club called NK Zagreb.They are rivals with the other Powerful club in Croatia called NK Hajduk Split. Both clubs are on a bad voice for their fans.The fans of NK Dinamo Zagreb are Bad Blue Boys which is often shortened to simply B.B.B. ,the song Bad Blue Boys made for dinamo has a part where the singer says ''bježite kad se naše šake dižu'' which is translated to ''run when our fists rise'',The other teams fans are called Torcida.Bad Blue Boys oftenly say ''Torcida puna invalida'' which translates to ''Torcida full of criples''.People oftenly call people from zagreb Purgeri seeing so the dinamo zagreb song starts out with the words ''o kako bi sretni bili vi kad bi bili purgeri'' which translates too ''oh how happy would you be if you purgers'',these words come out of a child's mouth.For four years in a row they haven't lost the HNL (the contest that goes on in Croatia to pick the best club).This year when they won two drunken fans started singing ''jebem ti jebem splite!!!!!'' which translates to ''f**k you f**k you Splite!!!!!!!''.

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